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Mimosa Lakes is composed of 2 lakes, known by the residents as the "Upper Lake" and the "Lower Lake".  The Upper Lake is upstream of the Lower Lake, and therefore has higher elevation... hence the name.  Also, Upper Lake residents are known to frequently look down on their Lower Lake neighbors (not really... just a joke).

The Lakes Association owns the common property consisting of the lakebed, the roadways, and a common property with a playground and a beach.  Lake Residents enjoy swimming, boating, fishing in the lakes, and ice skating on the lakes in the winter.

Unlike many other local communities, Mimosa Lakes is accessible by one entrance.  This means, of course, that there is no through-traffic.  All roads are 25 mph speed limit, making it a fairly safe community for pedestrians, bikers, joggers, and the occasional Rollerblader or skateboarder.  Street Hockey games have been known to be fairly intense on the South side of Pontiac Drive.

Most properties in Mimosa Lakes are at least 150 feet wide, and they cover at least 3/4 of an acre.  Mature trees cover the majority of each property, with some homes set back so far that they can not be seen from the road.  All the homes were custom built by the original residents, so no two are alike.  In short, this is no "cookie cutter" development plopped down in a corn field!

Where did the name come from?  We'll have to look into that!  The Mimosa tree, also known as the Silk Tree (a is




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