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  • Please observe the 25 mph speed limit in Mimosa Lakes!    Because of the limited access, and the private nature of Mimosa Lakes, many people take a jog, or a walk around the lakes.  Children play hockey, basketball, and bike, rollerblade, or use scooters or skateboards on the streets.  Our wooded properties and sharp curves don't always allow you to see who or what is on the street in front of you.  We do not have sidewalks, and pedestrians must share the street with cars.  You certainly don't have far to go, when you are already here!  Please drive carefully in our neighborhood.
  • Please keep your leaves and brush off the street.  It would help greatly if each homeowner kept the street clean.  Leaves and brush can reduce safety by narrowing the street, or reducing traction.  Clean, wide streets allow cars to pass and they give pedestrians and cyclists more room.