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Chain Pickerel
Yellow Perch

Lake privileges, including fishing, are for Mimosa Lakes Association members only.  The lakes are  private property, owned by the Association.

Mimosa Lake is clean and healthy, due to the fact that it is close to the source of freshwater.  Let's all keep it that way!  Please avoid the use of commercial lawn and garden fertilizers, which may run off with rainwater, or leach into the groundwater, and end up in the lake.

Mimosa Lake contains a number of indigenous species of fish.  The Lake's top predators are the Chain Pickerel, which can exceed 2 feet in length, and 9 pounds, the Snapping Turtle, which eat fish, and the occasional duckling, and the Birds of Prey; the Eagle, Osprey, Kingfisher, and Heron.  There is a plentiful supply of minnows and smaller fish, such as the Yellow Perch, and the Bluegill.

A NJ State Fishing License is required to fish in the lake. 

Click on the following link for locations to purchase your license

 NJ Hunting and Fishing License Agents


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