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There has been at least one Osprey who has been living in Mimosa Lakes (and Wilderness Lake) since the summer of 2000.  Two Osprey have been seen this year (2003).  They catch fish and carry them up to a nice tree on the shoreline to eat them.  They are absolutely beautiful birds.  They make quite a splash when they catch fish.  They are able to dive in completely... I have one picture of an Osprey catching a fish in the lake, but all you can see is the splash (so why show it?).

Spring 2003





April, 2001  

Spring 2001.  The Osprey is back, and he has been spotted catching many fish.  I also saw a bald eagle catch a fish in Wilderness Lake, and the Osprey was following it.  Of course, I didn't have my camera when the eagle flew past...


Some other Osprey... photo taken by a Pro
... at least you can see what they look like up close.



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